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Leese & Co., Inc. offers a number of services to accommodate your needs. With extensive expertise in everything from CNC machining to deep hole drilling, Leese & Co., Inc. is backed by a history of 300+ customers in a wide variety of industries. 


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Quality is the fundamental baseline of the Leese organization, and quality assurance is always an ongoing process. Leese & Co., Inc. utilizes precision inspection equipment in order to guarantee accurate and precise products. Our work is tailored to your specific needs in accordance with all appropriate industrial standards and customer specific requirements.

Inspection of Equipment

Accurate & Precise Products

Made to Industrial Standards

Industries Served

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Power Generation

Leese & Co., Inc. manufactures a variety of parts that are components for industrial circuit breakers, and a large array of heat sinks and chill blocks for thermal management of electrical components.

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Our team produces various shafts, test components, wear items, and spare parts for the steel and titanium industries.  Often these parts are reverse engineered to fulfill requirements for obsolete or difficult to source replacement items.

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Leese & Co., Inc. machines knuckles that are installed in rail car couplers, fabricated, welded and machined wheels, and various components used in tanker cars.  Leese is highly skilled at extreme levels of precision and tight tolerances to meet the needs of this competitive industry.

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Our team is experienced in creating several key components used in the coal mining industry.  Our shaft making capability is unparalleled and our fabricated components for the long wall mining industry are also top quality.

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