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Leese & Co., Inc. only uses the best machining equipment to meet your requirements.  For many years now, Leese has committed to being a full Mazak shop, utilizing many new tooling technologies combined with modern Mazak Machinery.

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Leese & Co., Inc. currently operates 13 CNC machines, 6 Mazak CNC mills, 6 Mazak CNC lathes with the majority utilizing live tooling, and 1 Precihole CNC deep hole drill. Supporting our CNC machinery is a Cad-cam System. This system ensures maximum spindle productivity and can easily accomplish difficult 3D contouring. Our team continues to update all of our equipment to keep pace with new advances in technology.

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Deep Hole Drilling

Leese & Co., Inc. owns and operates a Precihole CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine. This precision machine is capable of drilling holes .076 to .750 in diameter, and up to 48 inches deep.

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Electrical Discharge Machining

Leese & Co. Inc. operates two sinker EDM machines that are fully capable and ready for your needs.

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Leese & Co. Inc. employs certified welders to operate and satisfy all your MIG and TIG needs. Leese is fully versed in multiple steels and aluminum materials and often is called upon for single prototype components and fixtures to the large production runs. Leese utilizes both Miller and Lincoln equipment to provide top quality welds.

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Leese & Co. Inc. operates a fully staffed quality control department to ensure the highest quality standards.  Our Mitutoyo CNC controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine is calibrated yearly to verify all machining tolerances, inspection services, and to meet the ISO 9001:2015 standards.  Leese also offers a full range of calibrated gages, hardness testing, and inspection equipment. 

Other Equipment

Leese also offers a wide array of traditional production equipment that can be utilized to solve various customer needs. This equipment includes surface grinders, saws, manual mills and lathes.

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